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The last Sixties lineup: Jeff Beck leaves and the band continues as a quartet. Simon Napier-Bell is replaced as the band's manager by Peter Grant, a friend of Jimmy Page, who will eventually manage Led Zeppelin.
Their final hits
Little Games
Goodnight Sweet Josephine
The Yardbirds broke up in 1968. Keith Relf and Jim McCarty went on to form Renaissance. Keith died tragically in 1976.
Chris Dreja became a professional photographer.
Paul Samwell Smith produced hit records for Cat Stevens, Carly Simon and many others.
In 1983, Paul Samwell-Smith, Jim McCarty and Chris Dreja reunited in a band called Box of Frogs.

Jim McCarty and Chris Dreja tour with a new lineup of the Yardbirds today.  Ben King, "Billy Boy" Miskimmin (ex-Nine Below Zero) and American John Idan fill out the band. Don't miss them if they play near you. They are fantastic!


First Lineup
Second Lineup
Third Lineup
Eel Pie Island
2003 American Tour
January 2004, London
Misc. Photos
Individual Photos
Record Sleeves
Sheet Music
Concert Posters